Groom Style with Savile Row Society

Dear readers, we have a new and exciting website that we would love to share with you and your grooms! We all know how getting our guys to go shopping is like pulling teeth. Fortunately, Savile Row Society has solved our problems – well, some of them. Savile Row Society is a virtual styling and […] Read more »

How to Ask: “Will You Be My Groomsman?”

 Typically, our grooms tend to not be as into the whole aspect of wedding planning as we are. Whether this occurs voluntarily or involuntarily, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help our grooms get excited and involved – even if it is only about asking their friends to be groomsmen. For our […] Read more »

Summer Attire for Grooms

No Groom wants to be sweating up a storm on his big day! Avoid being sticky and uncomfortable during the hot summer months by altering the traditional black and white penguin tuxedo. My best recommendation: skip black all together for outdoor weddings during the hottest months, since black absorbs the warmth of the sun. Try […] Read more »

Style Ideas for Grooms

Long are they days where grooms only wanted to wear the simple black tux on their big day. Today grooms have as many options as brides do when it comes to the wedding day attire. In fact many celebrities such as Jamie Hince, Jerry O’Connell, Jay Cutler, and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl have opted […] Read more »

House of Papillon

Yes, bow ties are making a comeback! I recently came across the website House of Papillon where you can find bow ties in any style under the sun. Whether you want a traditional black bow tie or a funky cheetah print bow tie, your suits will be dazzled up in any print or fabric! If your wedding […] Read more »

Groom’s Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a fun way for your man to spruce up his wedding day wardrobe.  After all, he doesn’t get the fun of wearing a gorgeous gown!  We were immediately inspired by some unique pieces and instantly began looking for other fun and expressive cufflinks for your number one guy. If you wanted to go […] Read more »