Engage!13: Montelucia

Today we’re taking a quick look back at the recent Engage!13: Montelucia luxury wedding industry conference that look place just before the holidays.  It’s a business to business summit where the best of the best across the country (and the world) come together to learn from one another and better our businesses to serve you, […] Read more »

What is The Bridal Bar?

Happy New Year!!  And congratulations to all those newly engaged couples out there!  As we kick off the new year on the blog, we like to start things off by explaining what exactly The Bridal Bar is!  Did you know that we’re more than just a blog?  So much more actually!  The blog is just one small […] Read more »

Merry Christmas to All Our Friends!

Merry Christmas friends!  We’re wishing you a merry, merry day filled with lots of cheer and love with family and friends!  And congratulations to all of those who decided this holiday to make the new family official! {Photos: Top Left: Martha Stewart, Right: Funky Time, Bottom Left: A Positively Beautiful Blog, Right: Pinterest} Read more »

Appy Couple Website Discount

Happy Tuesday friends!  Today we’ve got another discount from the gang over at Appy Couple.  The wedding website and matching app brand that makes designing your wedding site simple and beautiful, is sharing a discount with our readers!  Did you know that there are even Bridal Bar curated designs and templates to choose from? Check […] Read more »

Destination Weddings Episode on iHeartRadio Talk

With our first episode of Bridal Bar Radio under our belts, we’re beginning our series of Friday recaps – connecting you to all the resources from the week’s show.  As a reminder, this week we covered all things fabulous in the world of destination weddings.  If you tuned in and you’re looking to connect with any […] Read more »