Eco-Friendly Weddings

{Photo: Hilary Cam Photography} In light of Earth Day today, I thought we’d talk about Eco-friendly weddings! Now don’t fret from having an eco-friendly wedding because all you can imagine are shades of green and brown! Eco-friendly products have come a long way in the past five years and can work to make your big […] Read more »

Gifts for Your Bridal Shower

So we know the bridal shower isn’t all about the gifts, but let’s get real, it’s a lot about showing the bride with gifts!  So shop accordingly ladies!  Here are a few tips to making the most out of the shower presents for her and the hosts! 1.  Did you know that you can register […] Read more »

How to Create the Perfect Dessert Bar

If you’re anything like me, your favorite course is dessert! Forget the margaritas bar, weddings are all about having the best dessert bars now-a-days, and honestly I’m not complaining! So, what should you do when creating a dessert bar? Well I’ve came up with five questions to ask yourself in order to have a fool […] Read more »

Something Blue Ideas

Many brides get stumped when it comes to something blue ideas- especially when blue isn’t their favorite color. So how do you incorporate the good luck color in your wedding? Here are six of my favorite ideas! 1. Statement Necklace. Every strapless dress looks amazing when it’s paired with a great statement necklace. Your wedding […] Read more »

What to Tell Guests to Wear to Your Wedding

{Catherine Ann Photography via The Bride Link } Nowadays wedding invitations have gotten so creative that sometimes even the dress code requires de-coding.  Keep it simple and smart and of course oh-so you with these tips to planning what your wedding guests will wear. 1.  Be specific! Black tie is different from formal, casual is different from […] Read more »

What’s Your Culinary Style? Planning Your Wedding Menu with Wolfgang Puck

Planning your wedding menu?  Wondering where to start, what to serve, and how to decide from all those delicious options?!?  Well, our friends over at Wolfgang Puck Catering are certainly the experts at serving up fine wedding foods so we asked them what you should do first and how to figure it all out.  Here’s what they […] Read more »

5 Things to Remember for Your Wedding Day

1. Wedding Insurance. Yes it’s true you can get your wedding insured! What exactly is wedding insurance and what does it cover? Wedding insurance is for brides and grooms who would like protect their financial futures in case anything out of their control happens. Think, bad weather, drunken accidents, and vendor no shows. It widely […] Read more »