Wedding Lemonade Stands

With summer in full swing, you are bound to break a sweat at a Southern Cali wedding. There is no better way to quench your thirst than with a lemonade stand!  You can create an adult friendly lemonade bar complete with specialty spiked lemonades named after a bride or groom and still please the little ones […] Read more »

Dressing Up Your Dog For Your Wedding

Don’t want to leave your furry friend out of your wedding ceremony? You don’t have to! Your dog can escort your flower girl down the aisle in a stylish flower collar or they can stand by your side at the alter showing off their “dog of honor” status. Whether you choose to use a sign for a […] Read more »

Wedding Napkin Ideas

What do you have the most of at your reception?  Well, chairs, place settings and napkins typically!  So what the crowd sees is what stands out and often times that’s the thing in the largest volume.  So why not use this opportunity to make your decor pop with an essential you’ll have on the table […] Read more »

Sweet Peas at Your Summer Weddings

Sweet peas are a sweet, delicate and romantic flower with playful colors and oodles of beauty (not unlike most flowers).  Sweet peas are summer and fall flowers and although they don’t love the heat, they make for great floral decor for your bridal shower or wedding day.  Give your bridesmaids sweet peas to carry, dress […] Read more »

Totally Unique Ring Box Ideas

Looking for a creative way to send your rings down the aisle?  Perhaps something that reflects your personality or something you’ll want to use on your nightstand when you get home?  We found a few fun ideas that really make those rocks stand out!  October wedding? Consider a coffin if you’ve got a sense of […] Read more »

Ice Cream at Your Wedding!

It’s summer, it’s your big day, and it might be a bit too hot to handle without something chilly to cool you down.  Why not ice cream!??!  It is after all National Ice Cream Month!  You can give your guests ice cream sandwiches during dessert, serve up a sundae bar buffet, or have waitstaff tray […] Read more »

Apple Inspired Wedding Decor

Since clearly we’ve got sweet fruit on the brain this week, we’re talking red apples today!  Another red delicious element to weave into your wedding meal but also into your big day decor.  From invitation inspiration to actually putting apples in your centerpieces, apples (red, green or a variety) can make your summer wedding style […] Read more »

4th of July Weddings

It’s almost that time – 4th of July is just around the corner and you’re probably busy at work daydreaming about all the fun you’ll be having this Friday.  Well, to entice you just a tad more, we’ve pulled a few of our favorite red, white and blue wedding day details.  Whether you theme your […] Read more »

Strawberry Inspired Weddings

‘Tis the season for sweet fruits, bright colors and plenty of natural inspiration for your big day.  And what fruit do we love more than any at The Bridal Bar!?  Strawberries!  A great start to theme your bridal shower or color palette to work with for your wedding, strawberries make great menu accents (think a […] Read more »