What’s Your Culinary Style? Planning Your Wedding Menu with Wolfgang Puck

Planning your wedding menu?  Wondering where to start, what to serve, and how to decide from all those delicious options?!?  Well, our friends over at Wolfgang Puck Catering are certainly the experts at serving up fine wedding foods so we asked them what you should do first and how to figure it all out.  Here’s what they […] Read more »

Wanderlust by Laura Grier – Destination Wedding Photography

We’re so happy to announce the new travel and destination wedding website launch of our friend and Bridal Bar member, Laura Grier.  You may already know and love her work from her weddings site, Beautiful Day Photography.  But she also has Wanderlust by Laura Grier where you can follow her amazing travel work, destination wedding work, […] Read more »

Discounts for Your Wedding Websites!

Early on in the planning process designing a wedding website should be high on your to-do list.  But don’t worry, most of the time that means no ‘design’ skill is actually needed!  Enter Appy Couple.  Appy Couple offers wedding website templates like these three (all from the Bridal Bar Collection) allowing you to pick your […] Read more »

What is The Bridal Bar?

Happy New Year!!  And congratulations to all those newly engaged couples out there!  As we kick off the new year on the blog, we like to start things off by explaining what exactly The Bridal Bar is!  Did you know that we’re more than just a blog?  So much more actually!  The blog is just one small […] Read more »