Wedding Websites by Appy Couple

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We’re super excited to share today’s announcement!!  The gang at Appy Couple has teamed up with Bridal Bar to launch a collection of Bridal Bar wedding websites on Appy Couple!!  What does that mean?  It means you have seven new designs to choose from when building your wedding website – all handpicked by us!

The super talented team at Appy have developed websites and apps for couples to use to share information with guests before (and on) the big day.  Their sites allow you to tell your love story, integrate your wedding registry (and even purchase from it), book hotels and get travel information, and come wedding day, it’s a photo sharing app as well!

photo sharing wedding app   wedding website

Gone are the days of digging for that invite on the wedding day to get the right address, now you just check the app!  And as guests take photos throughout the night, everyone with the app gets to see and enjoy them too!

appy couple websites   wedding website templates

Appy Couple has functionality that no other wedding websites have and now they have designs with Bridal Bar, exclusively for you!

wedding app   wedding apps

Today we’re showing off the “martini” template, perfect for a modern chic city wedding or a couple who likes minimal color but maximum impact.  And if you like what you see, check out the full collection here.  Use promo code: APPY4BB at check out and you’ll even get a big savings on your purchase!

wedding planning websites   wedding websites

We just adore everything that Appy Couple does…so we’re thrilled to share more of their work with you to help you get down the aisle with all the fabulous gadgets you need to do it with ease.  Check out the new designs and tell us what you think!  Want to see something specific?  Let us know what you’re looking for too!