Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

pacific design center wedding Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

A few weeks back we were treated to a dinner like no other!  Wolfgang Puck Catering hosted an intimate group on one of the rooftop decks of the famed Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles (you can get married there!).  We spent hours dinning and dishing on all things fabulous underneath an array of flowers and candles – so beautiful.

Silver Birches designed one long feasting table with a beautiful canopy overhead with greenery, flowers and candles hanging down while mercury glass and more candles dressed the table.

long wedding tables1 Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinnerwolfgang puck wedding1 Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

Hemstitch napkins, golden chargers and beautiful place settings awaited us – all by Classic Party Rentals.

wolfgang puck wedding LA Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

And dinner, oh dinner!  A wine pairing seven course feast included new spins on old classic and even some dragon’s fire (a caramel popcorn that created smoke).  This ahi tuna was presented in a vintage tuna can!  So smart!

wolfgang puck weddings Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

And who can turn down oysters?!?

wolfgang puck wedding catering Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

Wolfgang Puck also served us hand formed agnolotti pasta dressed with black truffle, smoked duck (that was still smoking at the table) and so much more!

wolfgang puck wedding catering los angeles Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

But the meal was not without a few fun cocktails too, like this gourmet jello shot with fresh lemon zest grated as they were passed.

gourmet jellow shots Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

For dessert?  An array of sweets including macaroons and every other treat you can imagine.  Delish!

weddings by wolfgang puck Wolfgang Puck Weddings Dinner

 Needless to say, we didn’t need to eat for a week, but are still dreaming about the menu today!  It was truly divine!