Wedding Headpieces + Hats

With the upcoming release of The Great Gatsby film, the era of lavish accessories and dressing is making a comeback (and of course, Princess Catherine + Prince William’s wedding helped with that too).  Would you wear a hat with your wedding dress?  Sounds a little fashion forward for most brides but take a look at these lovely variations of a hat or hat-like headpiece and your opinion may change!  From colored to bejeweled and feathered a la Carrie Bradshaw, these looks certainly tell your guests you’re not afraid of fashion!  And they’re pretty fabulous too!

wedding headpieces

{Photos: Black + Pearls: Pinterest, Bride + Groom: Kobus Dippenaar, Blue Dress: Minha Filha, Rose Headband: Jennifer Behr, Black Top Hat: Fashion Trends, Cream Cap: Baenk