5 Questions to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Location

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 Recently engaged?  On the hunt for the perfect place to say “I do?”  When selecting your wedding location, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to ensure the rest of your planning runs smoothly.  So ask yourself (or your wedding venue) these simple questions to keep on track to create a seamless and spectacular wedding day.

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1.  What will it cost to wed there?  No more than 50% of your wedding budget (and really more like 45%) should go to the venue, food and beverage, and basics that it takes to hold the event there (like bringing in tables or restrooms if need be).  If you’ve found the perfect property and once you add it all together the total comes to $70,000 and you’ve got a $100,000 you’re already over budget.  Be smart when booking these big ticket items so you have room leftover for the fun stuff.

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 2.  How late do you like to party?  Most wedding locations will have some kind of curfew. Many residential and outdoor spaces are often shut down at 10pm while hotel and ballroom properties can typically let the party continue a little later into the evening.  If this is a deal breaker for you, get the information upfront.

3.  What unexpected costs may arise?  Planning on pitching a massive tent that could take days to setup?  How much time on the day of or the week of will the property give you for setup and strike before the clock starts ticking on additional fees?  It can jump the budget when you least expect it or may effect your design and decor plans.private estate weddings los angeles

4.  What’s the weather plan?  If you want an outdoor venue (for ceremony, cocktails, or reception) and it rains – what’s plan B?  Be sure there is one in place and it’s one you are willing to work with in a worst case scenario come your wedding week.

5.  Reception style capacity?  Can the property accommodate your guest count with a dance floor and in the seating style you want setup?  A wedding where all your guests are squished to the seams is no fun for anyone!los angeles wedding locations

This will help get you started on your wedding venue search.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be fully informed when comparing locations before you pick your perfect place!

All Photos by Miki and Sonja.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leighhowlett Leigh Estrella Howlett

    I would love to reiterate that Brides need to do their homework before they venture out to a location. Well thought out questions…. well thought out visions of their day…. will lead to finding that perfect location with less hassles.