Something Blue Wedding Dress Ideas

We’ve all heard about the tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  Have you thought about will your something blue be?  Rather than simply a blue ‘something’, why not incorporate a meaningful element into your wedding dress?  You can choose to make it known or something only you will see (in the underneath layers).  Embroidering “something blue” can be sweet like a heart, sentimental like your new initials or wedding date, and even pay tribute to those no longer with you.  Ask that a loved one’s name be sewn in (someone you want by your side at the aisle), or even a tiny pocket for a wedding photo of your parents or grandparents.  Sometimes it’s the things no one else will see that will have the most special meaning.  Take your something blue as an opportunity for something sentimental.

something blue on wedding dress

{Photos: Heart: Sequins and Candy via SMP, Date: The Knot, Monogram: Martha Stewart Weddings, Sewing: Joshua Bobrove, Photo Pocket: Pinterest, Bottom Right: Megan Clouse via EAD}

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    Something blue is such a vague term. I love your ideas to make it meaningful to the bride! I think a bride using her dad’s old blue tie and sewing a heart into her dress with it is absolutely adorable!