Dogs at Weddings

dog at wedding

{Photos: Flower Girl: Engaged & Inspired, Black Lab: Beaux Arts via EAD, Bottom Row: Bridal Guide}

Dogs are nothing new on this blog, we’re big fans!  But this week I lost a little love in my life, my Maltese, Cole – he was 13.  And while this is a cheerful blog, it’s also meant to bring inspiration and ideas for days and moments that have meaning in our lives.  So, if you have a dog you love dearly like me, then you might be wanting to include him or her in your big day.  What to know before you fill that ring bearer spot?  A few do’s and don’ts (and great four-legged fashion ideas too)!

Do: Assign someone to dog duty (a professional is a great idea – or at least someone not otherwise involved in the wedding).  Your furry friend should have a friend assigned to them at all times so they don’t run off in the chaos and are well cared for.

Do: Plan for a dog-friendly holding area at the venue (talk to your catering manager or venue contact in advance to make sure you’ve got a grassy spot for breaks and a place out of the sun for waits, should the wedding be outdoors).

Do: Schedule in several potty breaks before the big moment, you don’t want any unexpected stops down the aisle.

Do: Keep water nearby at all times!

Do: Make a plan for the cocktail hour and reception.  Will they stay and if not, be sure they have a place to spend the evening (most pets will leave after photo ops during cocktail hour).

Do: Speaking of photo ops, be sure your photographer knows there’s a special someone on site to be photographed with you!

Do: Keep all dresses and fashion high above his or her reach, just in case.

Don’t: Ask a small child to walk the dog down the aisle unless old enough and well-prepared to handle him or her.

Don’t: Show up at a hotel or other venue without prior pet approval!

Don’t: Expect your pup to be something he or she isn’t.  If they’ve never followed instructions well in the past, perhaps put them in a wagon or basket instead.

And DO have fun with this!  We love these frilly ways to dress up your pup on your big day.

dogs at weddings

{Photos: Horizontal Photo: Bridal Guide, All Others: Martha Stewart Weddings}

  • James Griffith

    I love these images!

  • Laura

    As a confirmed dog fanatic, I must say it warms my heart to see our canine friends as guests at a wedding. Especially true if the bride and groom are dog people!