Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s a beautiful day for a wedding, and we’ve got the best ideas and inspiration for you to make that happen (or at least help you plan it). This holiday is full of hearts, the color red, sweets, and sexy lingerie. These are all things that can easily be part of a beautiful Valentine’s day wedding (except the lingerie…that’s for after)! We found so many inspiring images that can help you imagine your own V-Day I-Do! You could start off with infusing hearts and red into your invitations and save-the-dates, then make your way to the decor. Since it’s a Valentine’s wedding – reds, pinks, and white are great colors to create your palette. This can be used for your flowers, tables, even your shoes! Lastly, you can’t forget the sweets. Present your guests with boxed chocolates or “hearty” (pun totally intended) cupcakes as favors or snacks during the reception. Take advantage of all Valentine’s Day has to offer, from the meaning to the traditional decorations!

Just remember, flowers around this holiday will be more expensive, so if budget is a concern, then get creative with alternative decor elements too!

red heart weddings

{Photos: Sign: Adam Barnes via Grey Likes, Shoes: The Blushing Brides, Donuts: MSW, Invitation: Etsy, Glitter: Un Beaujour, Path: via Style Unveiled, Menu: Always a Blogsmaid, Cupcakes: Bakerella}

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