Uniced Wedding Cakes

Uniced wedding cakes, or sometimes known as deconstructed wedding cakes may seem a little unorthodox but oh-so popular they are!  The idea is that the icing only sits in between the layers, but the cake is not iced on the outside.  Great for those that don’t like their cake too sweet or aren’t fans of icing and fondant!  And the finished product?!  An intentionally unfinished look that reminds us of the good ol’ days.  Perfect for a vintage wedding if that’s your fancy or a backyard wedding at home.

uniced wedding cakes

{Photos: Top Row Left: Milk Bar Store, Right: 7 Yr Wedding, Second Row Left: Aimee Dunne, Right: Milk Bar Store, Third Row Left: MSW, Right: Cherry Lisa, Bottom Row: Style Collective}