Wedding Design Tips from Peony & Plum

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Today we’ve got a special treat (and a special visitor), our friend and fabulous Bridal Bar member, Susan Tom-Nellis, designer and founder of Peony and Plum stopped by to share with us some insights into designing your big day.

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{Photos: Left: Ashleigh Taylor, Right: Peony & Plum}

 How do you suggest couples find a theme or design concept?

P&P: It’s not as important to match your theme to a venue or season. Instead consider themes that are important to you – what do you like to do together as a couple for example. A good team of vendors will be able to help you translate that to whatever venue and budget you have.

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{Photos: Left: Peony & Plum, Right: Meg Perotti}

Any great design tips to keep the wedding look creative?

P&P: For bridesmaids, consider something other than a bouquet for them – how about giving them each a floral necklace or choker to wear, a floral belt to go with their dresses or a clutch purse with fresh flowers incorporated.

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{Photos: Left: Peony & Plum, Right: Meg Perotti}

What colors or trends are you loving working with this year?

P&P: I am loving light pinks and peaches with gold right now in terms of soft romantic colors. And I also love blues, greens and yellows for dramatic color this year.

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{Photo: Picotte Photography}

What’s your favorite part of a wedding to design and why?

P&P: I love making the bridal bouquet. It’s often the first thing I start with when producing a wedding as the style and character of the bridal bouquet often sets the tone for everything else in the wedding. The bridal bouquet is also the main accessory of the “star” of the wedding: the bride.

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{Photos: Left: Peony & Plum, Right: Brian Leahy}

And lastly, how would you describe your overall design sensibility?

P&P: We like to pay attention to texture and color, from dramatic to very subtle. We are also keen on being sure to incorporate elements (even non-floral decor) that really speak to a client’s theme for a wedding or event. And we’re not afraid to mix styles to achieve a fresh look!

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{Photos: Left: Brian Leahy, Right: Peony & Plum}

Thanks so much to Peony and Plum for stopping by and sharing your expertise with us today!  To check out more of this amazing Los Angeles floral and wedding designer‘s work, check out their website here.